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Looking for information on candidates in your area? We've got that too. Search biographies, legislative history and stances on the issues for Governor, Senate and House of Representatives candidates in your region. You can even compare the candidates side by side.

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Learn About the Issues

From Healthcare to Immigration to the Economy, we've got all the issues covered. Find overviews, facts and point-counterpoint arguments for every issue. Additionally, you can compare candidates on the issues you care about most.

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Our pledge at is to provide clear, accurate and pertinent non-partisan information on election candidates as well as politics in general. We try to use reliable and unbiased information sources to create a Insightful, Helpful, Respectful, Electful.comprehensive overview on politicians and their stances on major issues on both a national and local level. We believe that the ability to easily sort through accurate information will create a reliable and trustworthy service for people to construct a clear view of exactly whom they are voting for and what that politician represents.

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