Here at electful, we continue to work on an advertisement policy that is best for our users.  Ultimately, we aim for an advertising strategy that is tasteful, yet effective.  Here are a few ways we go about doing so:

Ad Placement

We believe in quality over quantity.  Rather than overwhelming our users with advertisements.  We carefully pick our ad placement so that our advertisements are most affective without having to compete with other ads for attention.

Advertisement Styles

We believe advertising should flow naturally within the site and not be a distraction to our information. We don’t accept overly flashy ads or any form of advertising that will overshadow our normal page.  Ads may not exceed the dimensions of their spot.  Nor may the hinder the users interaction with the site in any manner.

Political Advertisements

We envision electful as a place where candidates may advertise to those genuinely interested in learning more about their stances.  However, to protect our mission to be an objective source of election information, we strictly enforce the following policies:

  • NO slanderous advertising against any other product, organization or candidate.
  • NO favoritism toward any party, issue or belief in ad pricing and placement.
  • NO targeting of a specific candidate or issue for ad placement.