We started Electful.com with the goal of providing the most clear, comprehensive and unbiased coverage of politics and politicians available anywhere. We believe that the dividing nature of partisan politics is affecting media coverage and impeding relevant information about our current political environment. We intend to make it easier and more accessible for citizens to find the information that matters to them. We want to disenfranchise the dividing nature of “right” and “left” politics so that people will be voting not for their party, but for the best person to do the job and that politicians will not just be voting along party lines, but for what is best for our country.


Our goals can be achieved through factual information. We will specialize in election coverage by clearly presenting a candidate’s stance on all major issues for both local and national candidates. Our candidate comparison page will provide users a quick and easy way to compare these candidates side by side. We believe that this system can be insightful for both the political novice and the political junkie.


Electful.com intends to be a helpful service to users by providing overviews on all the major issues. This will include summaries, point-counterpoint arguments and facts. In addition to the information we provide, we encourage you to be helpful by challenging us to make the website better with your ideas, suggestions and fact-checking. We can’t promise to be perfect, but with your help we believe we can be the most informative place for political information. 


We value respect on our website. Not only will we ban slanderous advertising on our site, but we will also have strict rules against slanderous or hateful rants. We hope that this system will allow users to exchange information and ideas in order to gain perspective and knowledge on the political happenings in our country. Our goal is to educate, not to divide.